Gerard Braud (Jared Bro)
As a New Orleans native and award-winning journalist, Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) predicted the devastation and flooding of Hurricane Katrina in 1990, a full 15 years before the storm hit. Why did some communities and leaders heed the warnings? Why were others in complete denial of what was to come? Now, as a former journalist and crisis communications expert, Braud puts it all in perspective in compelling Katrina Lessons presentations.
Although each sunrise puts us one day further from one of America’s greatest natural disasters, New Orleans remains a living classroom. And the lessons of this event can be applied in the lives of every leader and the heart of every organization.
In the aftermath of this disaster, Hurricane Katrina evacuee, refugee, survivor and crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro), began the task of assessing and documenting what every leader in business and government must know to lead and prepare for the day they must respond to a crisis.
Braud shares these vital lessons from the podium in this motivating keynote – a must add for every conference in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast – a must have for every conference in which a compare and contrast of leadership is fostered.
Gerard Braud is an international expert in Crisis Communications, Media Training, and documentary films. He has practiced his craft on four continents.
Following the events of September 11, 2001, he was commissioned to author the crisis communications plan for the Internal Revenue Service and their 800 offices across America. Following Hurricane Ivan in 2004, he helped write the crisis communications plan for the Florida Department of Transportation. Since 1997, he has authored crisis communications plans for government, corporate and non-profit clients.
For 15 years, Gerard worked as an award-winning journalist, with affiliate reports seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN and the BBC.
International Professional Speaker & Trainer
Gerard Braud has practiced
his craft on four continents.
For 15 years he was an award winning journalist, with affiliate reports seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN and the BBC.
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Crisis Communications
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Fifteen years before Katrina...
Gerard Braud
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