Hurricane Katrina Lessons
Every conference and meeting planner that comes to New Orleans wrestles with the same decisions: Does my audience have Katrina fatigue? Are they tired of hearing about Katrina? --Or, does my audience have a need to learn? A compulsion to see? An obligation to leave enriched?
Gerard Braud artfully blends a combination of lessons learned, with his expertise as a crisis communicator and executive coaching. The Katrina Lessons keynote examines behavior characteristics of leaders and how those behaviors affected the lives of millions of people.
One never knows when the members of your audience, or the employees of your organization, will be affected by the good and bad judgment and decision making characteristics of their “leaders.”
This program can also be offered as a breakout session and combined with a Katrina tour.
Fantastic information. Dynamic speaker. I loved the field visit-it gives you a real sense of the devastation
Truly an excellent presentation.
Excellent! More than I could  have expected
Incredible speaker. Great content.
Amazingly effective presentation with directly applicable lessons to learn from... a must-have for future international conferences. Thanks Gerard.
Katrina Lessons Keynote & Breakout
Gerard Braud
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