The Hurricane Katrina Tour
Although each sunrise puts us one day further from one of America’s greatest natural disasters, New Orleans remains a living classroom.
The lessons of Hurricane Katrina can be applied in the lives of every leader and the heart of every conference attendee. While many people will never experience a hurricane, their lives and livelihoods are threatened by countless other natural disasters and manmade crises. During each crisis, leadership and strong communications have the ability to save lives.
Gerard’s Katrina tour takes conference participants on a 2-3 hour trek into the still devastated communities of the Lower 9th Ward and St. Bernard Parish.
The tour includes stops and lectures at key locations. It opens with a pre-tour workshop and closes with a brief post-tour debriefing. To see a portion of the tour, please click here.
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Name: Gerard Braud
Hometown: New Orleans
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Lower 9th Ward
Second Stop:
St. Bernard Parish
Third Stop:
Wetlands of Orleans Parish
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This was a journey of shocking proportions. A new level of reality and compassion have been realized
That you for offering this opportunity. The emphasis on preparation was solid and tour provided tangible results from not communicating.
Very eye-opening.
Phenomenal learning experience that illustrated the mass devastation and emphasized that you can prepare in advance to help minimize impact.
New Orleans remains a living classroom...
Gerard Braud
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